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Grammar Lessons For The People – Plurals Never Take Apostrophes. Ever.










(I had to include a pic of me repping my alma mater, with my skin looking all brown and chocolatey or whatever.)

On to business.

(the “Blacker than ever” edition)

I just finished all 13 episodes of “Luke Cage” and I’m wearing a Hampton University t-shirt today. I feel the power of my melanin coursing through my veins.

This is a public service announcement. So pay attention, because so many of you seem to be quite confused by this.

Plurals never ever take apostrophes. Never* ever**.

This includes last names,
YES: the Hymans, the Knowles, the Obamas
NO: the Hyman’s, the Knowles’s, the Obama’s

other proper nouns,
YES: Safeways, Nikes
NO: Safeway’s, Nike’s

words ending in ‘y’,
YES: cherries, babies
NO: cherry’s, baby’s

and compound nouns.
YES: suitcases, pork chops
NO: suitcase’s, pork chop’s.

APOSTROPHES SHOW OWNERSHIP. Not plurality. When you are showing that there is more than one of something, you never use an apostrophe.


This is Alisa’s banana. (I own the banana.)
Alisa eats lots of bananas. (‘Bananas’ is a plural noun.)
The banana’s peel is yellow. (See what I did there??)

Plurals never take apostrophes.
Plurals never take apostrophes.
Plurals never take apostrophes.

So listen.

If you refer to strawberrys again, or go on another rant about how “baby daddy’s just don’t be acting right,” or call Barack and Michelle the Obama’s again, or talk about how tired you are of women wearing hair weave’s and I see it, I’m calling you out.

Plurals. Never. Take. Apostrophes.

*When I say never, I mean it. NEVER. I just needed to reiterate this, as evidenced by those of you who still don’t get that plurals never take apostrophes.

**One more time for the people in the back who were late to the lesson because they ain’t shit: Apostrophes show ownership. Not plurality.


Get it, beloved? Good.

Now go out and be all #blackpersonmagic today. I know I am.




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