Howard University Alumni’s International Fashion and Lifestyle Brand Makes U.S. Debut

Ochulo is an international online shopping platform with an “African made & designed” mantra that started its journey in March 2017. Founded by Joe Philip Nzewunwah; former Wall Street investment banker, Howard University & Wharton Business School alum and co-founded by Nwaji Jibunoh, Howard University alum and highly experienced management consultant. Both have extensive international and local market experience providing investment advice to large multinationals and start-up SMEs.

Ochulo, made their U.S. debut during Howard University’s homecoming at the legendary Social Architects’ Black Hollywood extravaganza with engaging fashion experience entitled, The People’s Paradise.

With a festive procession led by West African Percussion Orchestra, Farafina Kan, America got their first close-up look at Ochulo’s unique designs, bold cutting edge makeup, chic accessories, and rare art that push the boundaries of fashion and lifestyle design as we know it. Check out some photos from the event, follow @Ochulolifestyle on Instagram, and shop!

Founders, Nwaji Jibunoh and Joe Philip Nzewunwa


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